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Our accelerator helps companies not just with capital but also a sustainable growth based healthcare ecosystem

“F” stands for Fundamental, our mission is to transform early stage companies into Fundamentally Strong healthcare businesses. Building a healthcare company is complex and cannot be done with capital alone. Our accelerator helps companies not just with capital but also a sustainable growth based healthcare ecosystem.

Fundamentally strong businesses are those that have access to the right amount of capital, that is used for the right patient portfolio, who have the right amount of adoption of your product/services, with the right data parameters being leveraged to grow the business organically. Companies looking beyond just pumping massive marketing spends online for customer acquisition and moving towards a more sustainable model are our target investees.

We Build Fundamentally Strong Businesses

We help you to reach your next goal in building a successful business

Growth Capital

We are looking at deploying USD 1.5mn across 8-10 Companies.

Direct Purchase Order

Secure direct orders from Madhavbaug group and our associated partners for your products or Services.

Access Existing Patients

Leverage our network of over 10 lakh patients built over the last 14 years.

Distribution Network

We have a distribution network spread across 350+ Clinics and Hospitals.

Research Facilities

Complete research hand holding with an existing research arm.

Integrate with an Ecosystem

We have a large ecosystem of doctors, call centers, health CRM, digital marketing support, patient tech products, data and analytics etc.

We are looking to partner...

With early stage companies that have a proven product or service.
Who can build exponential value if given the right platform of patients, med tech, distribution or doctors.
We are interested in startups solving problems in

Home Healthcare, Telemedicine and E-Pharmacy

D2C Brands

Digital Therapeutics

AI/ML and Automation

Patient Centric Innovations

Medtech and Devices

Our Investment Portfolio Companies

1 MyKare Health

MyKare Health

2 Desi Farms

Desi Farms

3 Easy Ayurveda

Easy Ayurveda

4 Raphacure


Calling all purpose-driven founders with a vision to build a healthy health business

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Backers & Team

We are a lean team that helps you shape your business for hyper-growth